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Unbound Blog

  • The Transition Park is Open

    by Unbound Staff | Mar 04, 2017

    Tranny Park 3

    Our builders have done it once again. They locked themselves in their snowcats and spent the week building one of the most unique parks we’ve ever seen. Last season, the Transition Park debuted to rave reviews. Its surfy feel and flow resonated with skiers and riders looking to shred something a little bit different. Well, this year the guys took it to the next level. Perfect bowls, snow mounds and transitions all over the place allow for an infinite amount of lines and creativity.

  • DC Hit & Run

    by Unbound Staff | Feb 24, 2017

    One of the best events of the year is upon us. The 2nd annual DC Hit and Run is taking place today, tomorrow and Sunday and if you’re around you don’t want to miss it. This creative event is part banked slalom and part slopestyle contest. Your score on two jump sections and a jib section will be deducted from your overall time. Not the fastest rider out there? Chuck meat on the jumps. Not the best jumper? Haul ass. This format is the brainchild of legendary pro snowboarder Bobby Meeks who states: “We just want to throw an event where you can ride a really fun course as hard or mellow as you want. After another week of dumping snow the Unbound guys whipped together an incredible course that both tests your skills and is a blast to ride. Take a run with DC team rider Anton Chamberlin:

  • Mammoth GP Course Preview with Judd Henkes

    by Unbound Staff | Feb 02, 2017

    Judd has been shredding hard this season and his creative line through this week's U.S. Grand Prix slopestyle course is a thing of beauty. 
  • Most Snow in a Month, Ever

    by Unbound Staff | Jan 25, 2017

    20 Year Storm Collage

    For those keeping track, we just broke our record for snowiest month of all time. All of those El Nino and La Nina years of the 60’s, 80’s and 90’s can now take a back seat to 2017 (Apparently the 70's were dry). Meteorologists were left scratching their heads after a series of atmospheric river events gobbled up lifts and buried two story homes, while providing the entire Eastern Sierra with enough shoveling to last a lifetime.

    Good news: It’s not over yet and we have the months of February, March and April to look forward to. With all this snow we’ll be able to have terrain parks for everyone into the summer.

    Best. Birthday. Ever! Happy 20 Years Unbound!

  • Transworld Snowboarding Park Poll

    by Unbound Staff | Jan 21, 2017

    Transworld Snowboarding teamed up with Snow Park Technologies to present the results of our data-driven Park Poll, ranking the best snowboarding terrain parks across North America. Thanks for the support and rest assured accolades like this just motivate the crew to work even harder at providing the best terrain parks in the world. Check out the article HERE.


  • 15 Feet??

    by Unbound Staff | Jan 10, 2017

    That's right, our storm snow totals are now 10-15 feet,  with more on the way. So what is 15 feet, in real life? We thought we'd look into it. 

    Snow Levels
  • Hot Laps

    by Unbound Staff | Jan 05, 2017

    Both Main and South Park get some love in this fiery edition of Hot Laps. Riders include Greg Bretz, Frank Knab, Garrett Warnick, Teddy Koo and more. 

  • Behind the Scenes of Legends

    by Unbound Staff | Jan 05, 2017

    Legends of the fall Line is a tough series to film and a whole lot needs to go right for it to even happen. Timing, solid riding, interesting features and a perfect park are all part of the equation to make sure this series is a success. Here's a look at Spencer Whiting's helmet cam as he works his way down Forest Trail filming Jimmy Goodman and Shayne Pospisil. 
  • Kimmy Fasani - Rider of the Year

    by Unbound Staff | Dec 20, 2016

    As part of the opening weekend festivities, Mammoth Mountain joined up with Absinthe Films to premiere their new movie Forever/After. Absinthe has been at the top of the game for years and their new installment had some of the heaviest snowboarding to date. But there was one rider that stood out and her name was coming up in random conversations throughout the weekend.

    “Did you see Kimmy’s part last night?”
    “Oh yeah, her part was nuts!”
    “Kimmy had the video part of the decade dude….”

    Mammoth Mountainteam rider, Kimmy Fasani, spent much of last winter and spring filming on the massive mountains in Alaska. Known for its deathly exposure, 2,000 ft. blind rollovers, gargantuan cliffs, slough the size of a wave at Waimea Bay and avalanches the size of small cities were all facets that she delt with while shredding these mountains, not to mention the sketchy helicopter landings, hiking along razor sharp ridges and weeks of down time awaiting blue skies. Kimmy rode those mountains with strength, confidence and an innate eye for the aesthetically beautiful. She didn’t shy away from hitting massive features and threw in some tech tricks in hairball conditions. Simply put, her video part showcases some incredible snowboarding.

    Last week Transworld Snowboarding hosted its annual Rider of the Year party in Denver. With the entire industry looking on, Kimmy Fasani won Women’s Rider of the Year. While it’s not fair to say her win was expected, it says something when the entire audience nodded in agreement and jumped to their feet in applause after Spencer O’ Brien announced her name.

    Kimmy’s passion for snowboarding, infectious positive attitude, advocacy for our environment, unstoppable work ethic and leadership for women’s sport makes her an incredible asset to have on our team of Mammoth athletes. Congratulations Kimmy on an amazing year.

    - Gabe Taylor


  • S Rail Build

    by Unbound Staff | Dec 14, 2016

    These guys make schlepping a 42-foot S rail around the mountain look pretty easy. 

  • Mammoth Athletes Ripping

    by Unbound Staff | Dec 07, 2016

  • Unbound Express

    by Unbound Staff | Dec 03, 2016

    Chair 6v2

    Chair 6 changed the game of freestyle skiing and snowboarding and as part of the 20th Anniversary of Unbound we’d like to pay it the respect it deserves. What makes the newly named Unbound Express so special?

    1) Location, location, location. Not hidden off on some obscure area of the mountain, our original park chair is directly in front of Main Lodge for all the world to see.

    2) Main Park. It’s right underneath the lift so you can watch all the action as it’s going down. You can watch Shaun White boosting in the pipe, Brandon Davis triple corking bottom jump or Scott Blum gapping the large flat-down at the top of the park, all from the comfort of the chair lift.

    3) Speed. At just a hair over 2 ½ minutes the Unbound Express gets you to the top of Main Park and Forest Trail in a hurry. No messing around here, if you want to hot lap, this is the spot.

    Here’s to you Unbound Express, enjoy the new paint job!

  • Weekender w/ Halldor

    by Unbound Staff | Dec 02, 2016

    Halldor Helgason is one talented and creative snowboarder. At Superpark 20 he thought it'd be fun to do a shifty over the massive 90'+ Mammoth Unbound jump. This is about as technical of a straight air as you could ever imagine. 

  • Early Season

    by Unbound Staff | Dec 02, 2016

    Photo Nov 30, 3 43 59 PM

    After a summer and early fall of heated anticipation it’s time to get back on snow. Time to get those legs back under you.  A time to break in new boots and re-introduce your feet to the constraints of bindings. Thank god we have chair 6. A two minute and forty second ride up puts you on top of two glorious, feature laden parks. Simply put, there’s no better early season shredding experience in the world*. With 8 jibs and 2 small jumps in Forest Trail and 6 jibs and a medium size jump in Main Park the Unbound parks are off to a crackling start this season.

    *Having just secured 1st place in both the Newschoolers and TWSnowboarding Park Polls it’s not much of a stretch to claim…

  • New C Rail

    by Unbound Staff | Nov 28, 2016

    C Rail

    Fun to be had on the new C Rail in Upper Main Park.

  • Hot Laps with Brandon Davis

    by Unbound Staff | Nov 17, 2016

    Brandon Davis aka "Fluffy" had quite the year. A  home win here at the Grand Prix, multiple podiums and some next level video footage have him coming into 2017 hot.


  • Survey Says: Unbound #1

    by Unbound Staff | Nov 15, 2016

    Newschoolers magazine just came out with their 2016 terrain park rankings and guess what? Unbound is #1. After teaming up with Transworld Snowboarding and Snow Park Technologies to create the most comprehensive and unbiased test yet, Unbound came out on top. 

    View the article HERE.

  • Fun Runs

    by Unbound Staff | Nov 12, 2016

    Follow Harrison Gordon, Scott Blum and Pat Bridges down the back of Chair 3, through West Bowl and into the park on opening day. Top to bottom riding in early November? Yes please!

  • 20 Years of Unbound

    by Unbound Staff | Nov 02, 2016


    All season long we'll be celebrating 20 years of the Unbound Terrain Parks. 20 years of countless FT's, NBD's and WTF's. Mammoth opens in 8 days… November 10th, it’s on.

  • Hot Laps w/ Jaeger Bailey

    by Unbound Staff | Oct 28, 2016

    Jaeger is one of the most creative, high energy riders on snow today. Here's some clips from last season to get you fired up for opening day.