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Terrain park safety laid out in 5 rules that all skiers and riders should know and practice.

1. Start Small
If you are just getting into the park for the first time, or first time that day, start with the smaller stuff and work your way up. If you aren’t sure about how to use a feature, build your skills first.

Freestyle terrain comes in different, so starting out, look for small progression parks and features and then work your way up to medium or large parks and features.

2. Make a Plan
Every time you ski or ride on freestyle terrain, have a plan for each feature you are going to use.
Remember, your speed, approach and take-off will directly affect your maneuver and landing.

When first inspecting the jumps consider the following elements of each jump, and remember ATML:
(A) The approach zoneis for setting your speed and stance
(T) The take-off zone is for making moves that start your trick
(M) The maneuver zone is for controlling your style
(L) The landing zone is for getting straight and riding away clean.

3. Always Look
Before getting into freestyle terrain observe all signage and warnings. Use your first run as a warm up and familiarize yourself with the park layout and features. Remember that features change constantly due to weather, usage and time of day, so it is important to continue to inspect features throughout the day.

4. Respect
Always have respect for terrain park features, as well as other skiers/riders.Only one person on a feature at a time – wait your turn and call your drop-in. Always clear the landing area quickly.

Also respect all signs –stay off closed features. Respect is important both in-park, as well as the rest of the mountain, so be smart when you are heading down the slopes or over to the lift.

5. Take It Easy
Ride within your ability and consider taking a lesson if you want to build your knowledge, skills, and bag of tricks. Stay in control both on the ground and in the air – know your limits. 

Remember you can control how big or small you take a feature by varying your speed and take off.
Inverted aerials increase the chance of serious injury and are not recommended.