Top 5 Best Runs in the Springtime

Apr 28, 2017

Skier in Springtime

Springtime at Mammoth provides some of the most beautiful days the mountain has to offer. There is nothing like lapping your favorite runs under the warm sunshine, and shredding some soft spring slush. With an amazing snowpack and over 600” of snowfall this year, you bet these runs are going to be dishing out some excellent spring skiing/riding. Here is a list of 5 runs to hit this spring.


1. Cornice Bowl
The best late spring run in the country. Cornice Bowl holds a large amount of snow (especially this season). It excites with a quick steep drop and gives that classic off-the-top feel but in a controlled groomed run. Cornice typically doesn’t get overly sticky due to its elevation and aspect.


2. Solitude
An intermediate run off High Five Express that softens up mid-morning offers up a consistent pitch.


3. Gremlins Gulch/St.Anton
A ton of snow piles at the top in Gremlins. The natural U-shape flowing into St. Anton allows for cruising from side to side, this is a great run for heavily drawn out carves and  turns.


4. Paranoid Flats
Steep and soft. The Paranoids offer a few choices for a steep un-groomed line full of proper corn snow off the top of the mountain.


5. Mambo
This one may sound funny, but Mambo is protected from the wind by trees, gets a great amount of sun all day, and is a perfect corridor for carving. The riders left is full of side hits and berms that you can jump off and slash.